American Hospital

American Hospital

The American Hospital is based in a convenient central location in the distinguished district of Nişantaşi in Istanbul.

The hospital is situated an only 5-minute walk from Osmanbey Subway station and various bus stations, as well as the Nişantaşı-Kadıköy, shared taxi stand. The Mecidiyeköy Subway station on the other hand is only a 10-minute walk away.


Who Works in to Hospital

  • Alpay Çeliker
    Alpay Çeliker
  • Yasemin Bölükbaşı, M.D.
    Yasemin Bölükbaşı, M.D.
  • Bülent Çuhacı
    Bülent Çuhacı
  • Serdar Tezelman
    Serdar Tezelman
  • Nil Molinas Mandel
    Nil Molinas Mandel
  • Derya Balbay
    Derya Balbay
  • Dursun Buğra, M.D.
    Dursun Buğra, M.D.
  • Mehmet Onur Demirkol,
    Mehmet Onur Demirkol,
  • Şükrü Dilege
    Şükrü Dilege
  • Çağatay Taşkıran M.D.
    Çağatay Taşkıran M.D.
  • Ömer Faruk Ünal
    Ömer Faruk Ünal
  • Ahmet Burhan Ferhanoğlu M.D.
    Ahmet Burhan Ferhanoğlu M.D.
  • Prof. Uğur Selek
    Prof. Uğur Selek
  • Orhan Bilge M.D.
    Orhan Bilge M.D.
  • Eftal Güdemez
    Eftal Güdemez
  • Talat Kırış
    Talat Kırış
  • Haldun Karagöz
    Haldun Karagöz
  • Burak Koçak, M.D.
    Burak Koçak, M.D.
  • Tarık Esen M.D.
    Tarık Esen M.D.
  • Cihangir Çelik
    Cihangir Çelik