The Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is one of the student-related problems at primary education schools, is a major health problem that affects all stakeholders in the education process. In the study, the total number of students with ADHD being educated in primary schools of Ordu province has been targeted. So, the prevalence of the students with ADHD will be determined for the first time after an extensive screening in our country. Furthermore, we have aimed to evaluate the success and compliance status of the students with ADHD according to the teachers’ perceptions. With the study, the school compliance and success status of the students with ADHD who were diagnosed and in a treatment at a health facility have been examined.


The universe of the study is composed of 252 students with ADHD consisting of in total 88 926 students studying at 330 primary schools in Ordu province in 2011-2012 academic years. In the study, the scanning model was used as the method and “The Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Student Determination Form” developed by the researchers was used as tool. The data obtained in the study was carried out through a request text of the governor which was written by Ordu Counseling and Research Center Management and the schools are informed that the forms which are used for tools should be filled and then sent back. Results: In the statistical evaluation, the prevalence of ADHD has been found as 0.28%. In addition, 156 (62%) of 252 students diagnosed with ADHD have been under medical treatment. It has been determined that 4.2% of these cases related to compliance and success achieved the desired harmony and success but the problems of others continued. On the other hand, it has been determined that only 2.8% of 96 (38%) students with ADHD who could not have medical treatment for various reasons achieved compliance and success.


In the study, the number of children diagnosed with ADHD is 0,28% and it shows us that the students with ADHD cannot be determined largely and the students, teachers and families are in great difficulties. In addition, it is significant that the diagnosed students can not have enough support. On the other hand, the status of untreated students with ADHD despite the medical diagnosis can be attributed to the parents’ lack of education, functionality of the treatment and anxiety caused by the side effects of drugs. As a result, some proposals such as to create a strategy for the diagnosis of the students with ADHD all over the country, to configure the school support services besides the medical treatment and to organize parents education program for the families have been presented.



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