The surgical procedure aims to remove cancer in the prostate before spreading to other organs. Prostate cancer operation has various forms and types depending on the tumor location, spreading, and overall health condition. The main type is radical prostatectomy that aims to remove the entire prostate and gland as well as some tissues around. Radical prostatectomy has different types as well, it can be done by removing the prostate through an incision in the wall of the abdomen (making a cut) which is called Retropubic prostatectomy, It also can be done by making incisions in the abdomen to remove the prostate which called Laparoscopic
prostatectomy. The surgery of removing the prostate has a lot of risks and side effects, the most common one is leaking urine. It is also important to know that removing the prostate means not being able to ejaculate or being a father through sex.


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